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About me

For contact please mail following address or phone

E-mail: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com
Tel. No: +62 (0)82144084808


 I was born in Italy. At the age of 29 I got married to a German Doctor and went to live in Munich. I gave birth to two wonderful children, a girl and a boy, who still live in Munich.

I use to work as a psychotherapist with alternative psychological methods inserting Meditation in my practice.

7 years ago I came to visit Bali for the 3rd time and again…I fell in love with this incredible Island, with its deep felt spirituality, ceremonies, traditions and friendly people.

In 2010 I found the most beautiful spot of land in the very centre of Ubud and so my dream came true: I built the White Lotus! Trying to make more people happy, I built 2 guest-rooms and a spacious Pavillion on the roof-top for Yoga and Meditation. All the people who find my place are fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of this building. Come and see yourself! I will welcome you with open heart.



Meditation classes are happening every:

  • Monday 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 6.30pm
  • Thursday 6.30pm

No registration is needed  all classes are drop in.

On the rooftop you will find this stunning octagonal Studio overlooking the rice fields and Bali’s volcanoe.

The kind of Meditation are movement Meditations as the Heart Chakra Meditation, Nadabrahma or Kundalini.

Every 1st Sunday of the month there will be a Silent day of Meditation. Starting at 10am to 7pm. This includes different techniques of movement Meditation, Tarot reading. sharing, lunch snacks and drinks

Please contact me for reservations:

E-mail: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com
Tel. No: +62 (0)82144084808


modern, clean rooms

This brand new beautiful house has been build to host people interested in yoga and meditation practices. It is located in the very core of Ubud 100 m. from the Palace. Jalan Kajeng Street is one of the most interesting and original Balinese streets you will find. The White Lotus is overlooking the ravine and the rice fields across the river. Totally undisturbed by traffic. You will be able to see and hear the waterfall and birds singing.

The rooms are furnished in a contemporary style, featuring bathroom with massage shower. The king-sized bed is fitted with a mosquito net and self-designed bed linen. Ceiling fan. The terrace is a dream with a huge day-bed, table and chairs, giving you a feeling of freedom and peace. From here you watch the jungle, the waterfall, the rice fields across the river. The garden features a Bamboo-Bale, a fish-pond completes the tropical atmosphere.

In our street we have 10 cozy local restaurants happy to serve your breakfast on your terrace. For Yoga and Meditation practitioners, White Lotus offers the most incredible opportunity: A spacious top-floor pavilion with amazing views over the volcanoes through to the ocean of Sanur. Ubud offers many religious, artistic and cultural events.

There is even a scooter available for rent .


Welcome to White Lotus Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to my beautiful White Lotus!

I designed and build this house in order to full fill a  long lasting dream, which was to offer a highly energetic space for people searching for peace of mind.

I think this dream has been come true, as my very welcome guests assure me all the time.

In the meantime the garden grew to a beautiful lush space for contemplation.

Recently we build a very cozy plunge-pool in the Garden. It is so refreshing to just lay into it and enjoy the nature around.

The rooms with their huge terrace offer an incomparable view of the jungle across the ravine with its waterfall, taking you into the dream world you have always been longing for.

I hope you will be lucky enough to experience this space by yourself some day.

The Meditations I am offering 3 times a week will complete your holy days.

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