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About me

on 10/02/2012

For contact please mail following address or phone

E-mail: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com
Tel. No: +62 (0)82144084808


 I was born in Italy. At the age of 29 I got married to a German Doctor and went to live in Munich. I gave birth to two wonderful children, a girl and a boy, who still live in Munich.

I use to work as a psychotherapist with alternative psychological methods inserting Meditation in my practice.

7 years ago I came to visit Bali for the 3rd time and again…I fell in love with this incredible Island, with its deep felt spirituality, ceremonies, traditions and friendly people.

In 2010 I found the most beautiful spot of land in the very centre of Ubud and so my dream came true: I built the White Lotus! Trying to make more people happy, I built 2 guest-rooms and a spacious Pavillion on the roof-top for Yoga and Meditation. All the people who find my place are fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of this building. Come and see yourself! I will welcome you with open heart.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Arna sier:Eg trur eg mÃ¥ til NZ….. er jo halvvegs! ForstÃ¥r at ein mÃ¥ velja mellom ingen kø og litt kaldt, eller masse mas og varmt…. veit ikkje heilt eg…. Kaldt!!:) hÃ¥par flyet kjem seg avgÃ¥rde snart og de innfinn dykk i Shanghai. Blir de med til GVV pÃ¥ sundag? jaaaaaa

    • Dear Vern,

      sorry but I could not understand a word about your writing.
      Please write in english, german or italian and I will answer you immediately.
      Something about Sunday????
      I wait for your explanation.
      Love and light,


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