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on 10/02/2012

Meditation classes are happening every:

  • Monday 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 6.30pm
  • Thursday 6.30pm

No registration is needed  all classes are drop in.

On the rooftop you will find this stunning octagonal Studio overlooking the rice fields and Bali’s volcanoe.

The kind of Meditation are movement Meditations as the Heart Chakra Meditation, Nadabrahma or Kundalini.

Every 1st Sunday of the month there will be a Silent day of Meditation. Starting at 10am to 7pm. This includes different techniques of movement Meditation, Tarot reading. sharing, lunch snacks and drinks

Please contact me for reservations:

E-mail: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com
Tel. No: +62 (0)82144084808


7 responses to “Meditation

  1. julieinbali says:

    Hi Sandeh
    Congratulations on your blog!
    I want to come over for your Heart Chakra Meditation soon – I miss it.

  2. Lisiane Jimenez says:

    Hello. I will be in Bali from April 5ht to April 15th. I would love to attend meditation/yoga classes. Can I just stop by at the times that you are scheduled to have classes? Thank you!

    • Dear Lisiane,
      you will be very welcome to join the regular classes. For the “Silent Day of Meditation” on Sunday the 7th April, I would need a reservation, as I have to order lunch and more…and the space is limited.
      Please give me a confirmation
      Love and Peace,

  3. Cathy says:

    Dear Sandeh,

    I am coming to Ubud from the 16th to the 20th of December and would love to discover all about meditation. Is it possible to attend your classes if I am a complete beginner? Your center looks like a wonderful place 🙂

    Best wishes,


    • Dear Cathy,

      sure there will be regular Meditations 3 times a week and on the 27th Dec. we will have a workshop called: Manifesting your vision.
      which is a whole day workshop. Through meditations which are leaded by myself, we will find out, what the vision of the upcoming Year
      will be and then we will put all the wishes and visions on a poster, doing a collage, which will remind you through the whole Year of your promises and plans.
      If you are interested, please send me an e-mail, so I can send you the flyer: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com
      Looking forward to your interest,
      Love and Light,

  4. Em says:

    Hello I will be in Ubud from the 24th-28th December- will meditation classes be on those days?

    Thanks – Em

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