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Silent Day of Meditation every 1st Sunday of the Month

on 25/01/2013

Every 1st Sunday of the month we will have the ” Silent Day of Meditation”

This full day of silence will take you into a deeper state of being.

It starts at 10.00 am and ends around 7.00 pm.

We will practice several movement meditation techniques and end up with an interesting Tarot Cards reading.

Lunch and snacks will be served in between.

For more informations: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com

Tel.No: +62(0) 821 4408 4808


4 responses to “Silent Day of Meditation every 1st Sunday of the Month

  1. jenniser says:

    Hi, my bf and I will be arriving Ubud on the 1st Jan and wish to join in your class, do we need to register?

  2. Joyce kamau says:

    I would like to attend tomorrows activity please advice. Thank you

    • Dear Joice,
      tomorrow is the 27th August and here we have no activity going on.
      The “SIlent Day of Meditation” is every 1st Sunday of every month which will be
      the 3rd of September.
      If you want to join the group on the 3rd, you will be very welcome.
      Please confirm if you are coming.
      Meanwhile we have evening Meditation sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.
      Love and light,


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