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MeditationKundalini Meditative Movement with Sandeh at White Lotus Meditation Center July 19, 2016

Kundalini Meditative Movement with Sandeh at White Lotus Meditation Center

GPS waypoint: 8°30’12.9″S 115°15’43.1″E White Lotus Yoga & Meditation Centre
Location: JL. Kajeng 23, Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

A Different Kind of Kundalini
It was a night of shaking, free-style dancing, meditation and sharing as Sandeh conducted her own style of Kundalini meditative movement on her roofdeck on a full moon.

Kundalini Meditative Movement with Sandeh at White Lotus Meditation Center
dawn on the rooftop of White Lotus Meditation Center as meditators chill before the session

Sandeh is probably in her 70s, still vibrant, clad in all white, blending seamlessly with her platinum blonde hair. I suspect, she is the White Lotus! With Italian descent, she claims to have been reborn in Punu, India where her awakening was ignited. Her pursuit of her dream…a meditation center to heal and open up the heart saw fulfillment when she drifted into Ubud, Bali. The rest is history.

White Lotus Meditation Center
Tucked inside the upper area of the trendy Jl Raya Ubud through a narrow pathway is this elegant Balinese white house – spacious interior allowing for air flow-through. This is the studio and residence of Sandeh, the high priestess of White Lotus Meditation Center (I just coined that up :)). The meditation is done on the 2nd level that opens up to what might look like a rooftop gazebo. That’s where we gathered in a circle. Beside the ‘gazebo’ is an open roofdeck…great for a clothes line on a hot sunny day, but just as great to be dancing at night on a full moon with revelers cut from the same pursuit. The view of the surrounding neighborhood is quintessential Balinese…thatched rooftops fused into lush greenery.

We gathered in a circle, seated on cushions, all 10 of us, mostly in their 30s (an older crowd than The Yoga Barn) as Sandeh explained what the night would be all about. The first 15 minutes was all about shaking the entire body while standing stationary on a spot. It is said to de-clutter and reboot the body. The next 15 minutes was free-style dancing, mostly with eyes closed as we moved around the space. It felt safe to just ‘be’ without being judged. What followed was seated meditation, then Savasana, lying down and letting go of the body. We came out of it and saw face-down cards arranged in a circle where we picked one of our choosing. I got one with a face up of “power”. Others got “peace”,”clarity”, “risk”, etc. We were then asked to share how we related to our cards.

Power Card
I got the Power Card. After all the body shaking, the free-form dancing, introspective meditation and sharing, I felt the card I chose was fitting – not out of braggadocio or vanity, but because I maintain that for anyone to be the catalyst for all the positive changes they want to see within themselves, society at large and even on a global scale (like having a green planet), we all need to come from a position of strength. We need to empower ourselves reassured that everything we need for our own self-realization already resides within. And that has been a recurring theme for me the last few years. Power is a tool like fire. If you know what you’re doing, it allows you to accomplish a lot. Misused, it can corrupt your soul.

Ending Thoughts
This meditative movement is a good refresher to regain perspective and get a sense of bearing on where we are, what’s around us…and more importantly, the role we play.

Sandeh, thank you so much for making me a part of that circle.

— TheLoneRider


11 responses to “About

  1. We are offering Hatha Yoga classes every day except Sundays at 10 am for 1,5 hours.
    The classes are open to everybody for a donation of 70.000 IDR.
    Yoe will be able to enjoy the most beautiful view of ricefields and jungle from the Yoga Temple on top of the roof.
    Feel free to join the classes.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Sandeh

    Is it possible to book a room at the White Lotus Arriving Friday 14 December for four nights? very interested in joining your yoga and meditation classes. Please reply to my email address.

    Thank you
    best wishes

    Sarah Williams

    • So sorry, dear Sarah, I have no availability for the time you wish.

      maybe you can join our Yoga and Meditation classes, as you can see the schedule on my blog.
      Hope to meet you soon,
      Best wishes,

  3. Bianca Reeder says:

    Is it possible to come to yoga for just one day? How far are you from Kuta?

    • Ubud is around 30 Km from Kuta.
      We dont offer Yoga classes at the moment. Meditation classes are every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.
      All classes are drop in.
      Hoping to meet you at some point,
      Love and Light,

  4. Anouska marks says:


    Me and my friend were wanting to try out one of your Yoga classes please but we cannot find a schedule. Please get back to us ASAP we only have 5 days in ubud!

    Thank you,

    • Dear Anuska,

      you can not find a schedule for Yoga because we don’t offer Yoga sessions, only the Yoga Space for teachers who want to teach Yoga.
      At the moment we have a Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, teaching at 6am.
      But we have Active Meditations on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6.30.
      This are drop in classes, so you can join in any time,
      Love and light,

      • Joanna says:

        Hello, I will be with my mum in ubud for 3 daysfrom 27.04 to 29.04. Can we join the active meditation on Thursday at 06:30 p.m? Is it shaking and dancing? I did it several times in berlin and i really love it:) my mum has no experience in any meditation. I hope this is not a problem. Best wishes, joanna

      • Dear Joanna,
        if you can make it in time on the 26th (Thursday) you can join the Nadabrahma
        Meditation. It is an ancient Tibetan Meditation based on breathing and meant
        to balance your mind, body and soul.
        The Kundalini Meditation you are mentioning is every Tuesday.
        All are at 6.30pm.
        Do you have accomodation already? I could offer you the most beautiful
        Garden Chalet for those days…

        Love and light,


      • Joanna says:

        Dear Sandeh,
        Thank you very much for your quick reply:) we will be in ubud only from thursday to saturday so we will join you then on Thursday:) I already book a hotel in advance but thank you very much for your kind proposal! We can also join your courses on Friday morning or evening, joga or a meditation. What do you have then? My mum has no experience at all so I hope she will like it:)
        Namastie and warm greetings from a cold Berlin.

  5. Dear Joanna,
    Friday there will be Yoga class at 6am. You can book a Meditation as a private session, cost: 500.000 IDR
    or you may want to book a Tarot Card Reading, also 500.000 IDR.
    We can talk about that on Thursday evening, when you come for the Meditation.

    Love and light,


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