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Yoga Studio for rent

Beautiful octagonal roof-top Yoga Studio ( 36 sq mtr ) hosting up to 10 participants available for rent.
Ideal for small groups or individual sessions of Yoga or alternative practices.

For further information send e-mail to: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com

Yoga Studio


Silent Day of Meditation every 1st Sunday of the Month

Every 1st Sunday of the month we will have the ” Silent Day of Meditation”

This full day of silence will take you into a deeper state of being.

It starts at 10.00 am and ends around 7.00 pm.

We will practice several movement meditation techniques and end up with an interesting Tarot Cards reading.

Lunch and snacks will be served in between.

For more informations: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com

Tel.No: +62(0) 821 4408 4808


Manifesting your Vision 2018

Meditation workshopManifesting your Vision 2018 Manifesting your Vision 2018

Wednesday 27th December 2017

White Lotus is offering a workshop to clarify and release the past Year 2017

and create a NEW VISION of the upcoming 2018.

Supported by several Meditations, we will literally create a POSTER visualizing the


We will start at 10.00 am  open end around 7 pm.

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Interview with Tania


Dream Hunter Interview: Sandeh`s White Lotus is a dream come true


Learning from the master

Learning from the master

After an evening Heart of Chakra meditation class overlooking the rice fields, I sit across from a woman with glistening white hair, warm yet direct eyes who is relishing her bintang beer and avocado salad. Italian born but reborn in Puna, India with the Sanskrit name Sandeh, one sentence lingers in the air: “My life began at 68 years old with this Ubud home.”  And so the story unfolds….

Sandeh was drawn into meditation by Indian guru Osho. A German accredited psychotherapist,  she learnt how to bring meditation into therapy in India. She deeply believes that meditation is a tool to open the heart.  Once meditation became a regular part of her life, her dream was to own a central meditation hall where groups could practice and grow together, with little houses to host practitioners.  Her dream was so vivid that she drew it on paper and began the global search for the perfect location. She travelled all the continents seeking the manifestation of her vision. It wasn’t until many years later, having spent some precious time in the small central Balinese city of Ubud, that she found her oasis.

From the moment she walked onto the last bit of empty land on Jl Kajeng street, she knew she had found home. As Sandeh signed the lease, the name White Lotus and design of her house and studio came to her and her dream was realized.

Over dinner, I continued to be amazed with this woman who had so clearly visualized and actualized her dream, and was living a new life starting in her 60’s.

Sandeh`s White Lotus Oasis

Sandeh`s White Lotus Oasis

(TD)  What did you want to be when you grew up?

(S)  I wanted to run hotels.  My parents ran hotels so I grew up in them. I actually did run hotels in Italy and now also hosts guests at White Lotus. I always loved to build and renovate.

(TD)  What are you most grateful for now?

(S)  Sitting here with you recalling my thrilling life. And so many things. My house- the view, that it became available. The sunsets. ( smile radiating from her face).  My two kids who will come for my 70th birthday in January.

(TD)  What are two things that are vital to the BEING part of you?

(S)  Honesty, straight with a smile. Being who I am- authentic.

(TD)  What is vital for the DOING part of you?

(S)   Love to have things done immediately.  I must finish my to-do list everyday- no postponing.

(TD)  What food could you live on forever?

(S)   Italian food (big sigh), all kinds of pasta.

(TD)  If you could meet on of your idols tomorrow for 1 hour- who would it be and what would you do?

(S)  Osho. I would kneel at his feet and cry and say thank you. I am so grateful for this man.  He remains my hero. No one explained the world like he did, no one touched me so much as he did.

(TD)  What is your favorite type of dance?

(S)  Reggae. It just takes me. Bob Marley is great.

(TD)  How do you express your truest self?

(S)  By being.

(TD)  If you could have one superpower- what would it be?

(S)  I’d like to do white magic.  A magic wand to change the politicians to be better people.

(TD)  What is a guilty pleasure for you?

(S)  Playing solitaire on my computer. I can spend hours doing this and wasting time.

(TD)  If your younger self walked into the room right now, what advice would you give her?

(S)   Take more of the nice men that cross your path!

(TD)  What is your definition of fulfillment?

(S)   Doing what you really love to do.

(TD)  What is your legacy (in Ubud)?

(S)  To be a generous, supportive and helpful person.  Its my role towards the Balinese.

If you would like to get in contact with Sandeh directly to ask her questions or visit her, here’s how to get in touch:



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Welcome to White Lotus Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to my beautiful White Lotus!

I designed and build this house in order to full fill a  long lasting dream, which was to offer a highly energetic space for people searching for peace of mind.

I think this dream has been come true, as my very welcome guests assure me all the time.

In the meantime the garden grew to a beautiful lush space for contemplation.

Recently we build a very cozy plunge-pool in the Garden. It is so refreshing to just lay into it and enjoy the nature around.

The rooms with their huge terrace offer an incomparable view of the jungle across the ravine with its waterfall, taking you into the dream world you have always been longing for.

I hope you will be lucky enough to experience this space by yourself some day.

The Meditations I am offering 3 times a week will complete your holy days.

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