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you can contact me on my e-mail address: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com

Telephone: +62 (0) 821 4408 4808


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  1. Katie Longstreet says:

    Hello – I was wondering whether my boyfriend and I could book onto your meditation class tomorrow (Tuesday)?
    Many thanks,
    Katie and Matt

  2. Erika Sol Adams says:

    Hi there..i was wondering if there is a meditation class on Saturday Jan 25th or Sunday? And also what is the maximum amount of people able to participate? thank you!

    erika sol

    • Erika Sol Adams says:

      Also how do we book a room?

    • Dear Erika,

      regular meditations are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm
      If you want to book a private meditation, you can just tell me. The space takes 8 – 10 people
      and the cost is 300.000 IDR.
      If you want to book a room, you need to tell me the period of time you want it.

      Love and Light,

  3. norgyuma says:

    Good evening!

    I’m a 27 year’s old women, travelling around southeast asia with my boyfriend, I’m in Indonesia for one month more and I would really like to do something in meditation. I’ve not really experience on it, though my mother is really into it.

    I would appreciate you to send me more info about courses or retreats you may have in that timd and thd fees, please.

    Thanks and see you soon

    • Dear Norgyuma,

      regular meditations are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm
      The class fee is 50.000 IDR
      On Sunday the 4th of May we will have a whole day Meditation workshop.
      If you are interested, please send me an e-mail to my actual address: white.lotus.ubud@gmail.com

      Love and Light,


  4. Rebecca Wolk says:

    Hello, I am in Ubud the next weeks, and I would like to join your classes.
    Do you do Yoga classes again or just meditation?
    Thank you,

    • Dear Rebecca,
      still no Yoga sessions going on in my house, sorry.
      Meditations we have on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.
      On Sunday the 3rd Aug. we will have the ” Silent Day of Meditation ”
      workshop. A whole day workshop starting at 10 am.
      I hope you can join us for some meditation experience.
      Love and Light,

  5. Gladys says:

    Hi am going to meditation next tue Can i join Ur meditation class? Do i have to stay at ur place? Thanks alot. I really need meditate for few days


    • Dear Gladys,

      you can join our classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.
      No need to stay in my place, as I am fully booked anyways.
      Hoping to meet you soon,
      Love and Light,


      • Gladys says:

        Can i book for private class for 2 person. This friday til monday or sunday. ..? The intimate meditation.. Amd can i call you?

      • Dear Gladys,
        sure, I can book you in for Friday the 15th at 10 am for a private Meditation session, after which we can arrange some more sessions. The charge for private sessions is 400.000 IDR
        You can call me at the No. : 0821 4408 4808

        Love and light,


  6. Gladys natalia says:

    Ok confirm. Private meditation for 2 person. Can i book for stay or hotel too? Accomodation..
    So i will arrive bali , thu night.
    See you.

    Gladys . My phone number 081217099888

  7. Jason Chan says:

    Hey sandehvallesi I will be staying in Ubud from 1st to 5th Nov, and I am looking for a place where I can join some meditation or yoga classes. Will there be any available at the White Lotus?


    • Dear Jason,
      I would have the beautiful GArden Chalet available from 2nd Nov. until 5th Nov.
      The price for the Chalet is 500.000 IDR per night, incl. TAx, WiFi and Service,
      On the 2nd we have the whole day Meditation retreat. Called “Silent Day of Meditation”
      If you would like to join it, I would need your reservation.
      Looking forward to your answer,

      Love and Light,


  8. Jason Chan says:

    How much is the Silent Day of meditation and what time does it start and finish? I already have arrangement for accomodation. Thanks

  9. Dear Jason,
    the Silent day begins at 10 am and finishes around 6 pm. The Day includes vegan lunch, tea break and a tarot card reading at the end.
    The price for the whole day is 400.000 IDR.
    Love and Light,


  10. Jason chan says:

    thanks I would love to come can I reserve a place? Jason

  11. dear Jason,
    sure, I will book you in.
    Please be here at 9.50 am on Sunday, wearing light and comfortable cloths.
    Thank you!
    See you on Sunday,
    Love and Light,


  12. Jason chan says:

    Hi Sandeh didn’t have time to say good bye personally but I really loved the sessions we had! I will defo be back in Bali – probably next year- and when I do I will try to book your place! my good wishes thoughts are with you and may you be well and happy! love Jason x

  13. Linda says:

    Hi Sandeh,
    my friend an me would love to stay with you, arriving on 2nd of January to the 5th, for 3 nights. Do you still have a double room available for that period? We are also excited to join your yoga and meditation classes.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Linda,
      I am happy to let you know that I do have a king sized bed available from 2 nd to 5th January.
      The nightly rate is 450.000 IDR incl. tax, wifi and service.
      To confirm your booking I would need your credit card no. For security only, as you will pay the bill with cash Rupiah on your arrival.
      If you need a pick up from the airport, I can provide it, therefor I will need your flight details.

      Love and light,

      • Linda says:

        Hi Sandeh,

        thanks for the quick reply, so happy you still have space for us, we will take it!
        I’ll send you my credit card details via email, ok?
        Greez, Linda

  14. Dear Linda,
    Ok, thank you, I will confirm once I got your details on my e mail.
    Love and light,

  15. Alejandra says:

    Hello! I’m planning to go one month or 3 weeks but I don’t know u can stay there ? Do you have acomodation or only clases drop in ?
    Thank you very much!

    • Dear Alejandra,
      of course I do have accomodation as well. Look at my web site and klick accomodation and you will see.
      first I need to know WHEN you want to come to Ubud, then I can tell you if I have rooms available.
      About the meditations you have already read it on my blog.
      On the 4th of June we have the “Silent Day of Meditation”,
      maybe you are here and want to take part?

      Love and light,


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